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How to access webmail

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To access webmail, go to

* Replace with your own domain.


To access webmail, go to

* Replace with your own domain.

Creating an auto responder in cPanel

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  1. Login to cPanel.
  2. Click ‘Autoresponder’ under ‘Mail’ section.
  3. Click Add Autoresponder to create a new auto responder.
  4. Choose a character set. UTF-8 is the most common character.
  5. Set the interval, in hours, you wish for the autoresponder to wait between responses to the same email address.
  6. Set the email address where the response will come from.
  7. Type the name and the subject you want to appear in the response, in the From and Subject text fields respectively.
  8. If the response going to include HTML tags, then click to check the HTML checkbox.
  9. In the Body text field, type the message of the response.
  10. Select a start time. You can choose to either start responding Immediately or set a specific date and time to start from.
  11. Select a stop time. You can choose to ‘Never’ stop or stop at a specific date and time.
  12. Click Create to save the new auto responder.

Adding an SPF record to your DNS

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To add an SPF record to your DNS, follow these instructions -

1. Login to cPanel Account

2. Click the “Email Authentication” button

3. Click the “Enable” button found under the SPF heading

You now have a basic SPF record setup for the domain name. Advanced users may wish to tweak it by modifying the settings below the “Enable” button.