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Why Mass Mail Servers SMTP Services [VERIFIED]?

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MMS working since 2010 and currently serving thousands of customers around the world. We are currently hosting 3000+ smtp mail servers. Our smtp email service is one of the best smtp service, Its affordable as compare to the market. Our mass email service plans include 24×7 monitoring, firewall security, and managed support for hardware and marketing software.

mass email service

Now you send millions of emails daily using your own cheap smtp email server. Our best email servers can be used for promotional emails and transactional email campaigns.

Our SMTP email service can also be used for affiliate marketing, real estate emailing marketing, health care marketing, skin care marketing, hotel marketing, crypto currencies marketing, bitcoin marketing, newsletter, transactional emails, banking alerts, job alerts, ico marketing etc…

Why you need dedicated email server hosting?

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smtp serverIf you are mass mail sender or you want to send 1 million emails per day or more. Then google smtp, smtp server hotmail, aol mail server, yahoo email server and free smtp hosting server wont work for you.

Because gmail, aol, hotmail, yahoo and all free smtp server providers do not allow to relay unlimited emails per day or per hour from their email servers. They apply limits on outgoing emails which will slow down your email campaigns and you will loose the opportunity.

Thats why you need a dedicated smtp email service with multiple dedicated ips and make sure your server setup properly as per compliance with inbox landing with your domain name (i.e spf, dkim, dmarc, rDNS) and your smtp mail server IPs are warmed up and not blacklisted in any spam trapper.

To start sending mass emails you also need an bulk email software which allows you to manage your email lists, campaigns, suppression lists, and give you full tracking features. And to configure your mass email software to start sending emails you need a SMTP server address, username, password and a smtp port number to relay your email campaigns.

Buy smtp with paypal

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Now buy unlimited smtp server with Paypal. Mass Mail Servers offer unlimited smtp servers, vps mail server, bulk hosting, email marketing accounts and bulk email services which you can buy using paypal at affordable price.

How to buy SMTP with Paypal?

buy smtp with paypalIf you want to buy smtp with paypal, buy smtp server with paypal , buy vps smtp server with paypal, buy bulk email hosting using paypal or email marketing plan with paypal then please following the steps.


  1. Choose the plan you want to order.
  2. Click on Order Now Link
  3. You will see the cart click on checkout.
  4. Provide Domain Name that you want to use for bulk mailing.
  5. Provide your personal information for signup.
  6. Choose PayPal as payment method.
  7. Place the order
  8. You will see the invoice.
  9. Click on Paypal (Subscribe/Checkout Button) right top corner.
  10. Login to paypal and pay the invoice or pay with credit card and signup.

Please note we require Paypal Authorization Email from you to make sure the paypal account holder is aware of the transaction to avoid unauthorized claims. So after the authorization of payment we will activate your services within 12-24 hours.

If you are having any issues while paying us using checkout system. Please place the order and send us manual payment from your paypal account to our paypal account.

Our PayPal Account ID is:

After sending the payment please inform our billing department by sending email at with transaction details and invoice number. We will verify and will activate your account asap.

If you have any questions please click on live chat button available on right top corner. Thanks

What is an SMTP Server

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The SMTP stands for (Simple Mail Transfer ) protocol which is a TCP/IP protocol that use to send and receive emails over internet.

How to Setup Smtp Server?

what is smtp serverSMTP server or Smtp mail Server means a server which is used to send and receive emails. Each smtp server has its own name or hostname you can say i.e “” or “”.

SMTP server can be use to send low or high volume emails but before to setup smtp server you need to install one Mail Transfer Agent software i.e Postfix, Exim, Qmail, PowerMTA to send emails etc…

Some of the smtp software are free but some required paid licence key before to use. Normally hosting companies use Exim, Postfix, Qmail for their web hosting/email clients because they are free and mostly used world wide.

But if you are email marketer and looking to send high volume emails using smtp server then you need to find or use paid licence MTA software i.e Powermta which delivers your emails efficiently and fast.

Buy SMTP Servers from us It will help you to send unlimited emails on monthly bases. You can send both promotional and transnational emails using our smtp mail servers. Please click here to see our smtp plans.

How to send emails from SMTP Server?

you can send emails using smtp server using following methods

  1. Webmail: Many hosting companies and control panels i.e cpanel, plesk provide webmail applications that allows you to send and recieve emails from your email account to a given recipient
  2.  Outlook Express: Professionals send their emails using outlook express where they manage all of their contacts, tasks, meeting dates etc… To configure outlook for sending and recieving emails you need followings
    1. smtp hostname (i.e or
    2. username: your email id
    3. pwd: your email pwd
    4. smtp port: Port 25 normally used for email delivery. With SSL its 465
    5. pop port: Port 110 normally used for receiving emails.
    6.  authentication type: plain, SSL, TLS ?
  3. Email Marketing Softwares: if you want to send emails at high quantity then you can also use email markting software like SendBlaster, mailwizz, Interspire to send the emails.
What is Gmail SMTP Server?

If you are gmail account holder and want to know your gmail smtp server its

use your email is as user name and pwd as password for your smtp server gmail. Keep in mind Gmail SMTP Ports are 465 with SSL and 587 with TLS.

You can’t send more than 500 emails per day from gmail account.

What is Smtp Server Hotmail?

Hotmail uses outgoing mail server
and SMTP Port for outgoing mail in Hotmail is port 25

So if you are planing to send bulk emails then you need a best email service which we can provide you at affordable price. You can check out our bulk smtp hosting plans and buy smtp server from us.

Bulk Email Marketing Services

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Increase your website traffic, boost your sales and get connected to your customers and prospects with Bulk Email Marketing.

Why Bulk Email Marketing?

why email marketing

  • Bulk Email Marketing is an easy and cost effective way to boost your sales or website traffic.
  • Bulk Email Marketing is an affordable marketing solution.
  • Bulk Email Marketing help to keep in touch with customers and prospects.
  • Bulk Email Marketing Service help to automate the marketing process of your company.
  • Bulk Email Marketing Campaigns help in up-selling products and services.

How Mass Mail Servers can help in Bulk Email Marketing?

We are working since 2010 and currently serving 12000+ email marketing customers around the world.

We have email marketing servers located in USA , EU and in Asia for better email delivery rate. Our bulk email marketing servers and network is designed for sending bulk emails so you don’t have to worry while sending high volume bulk emails through our smtp relay servers. You can send unlimited mass emails monthly based on your email marketing strategy.

Bulk Email Marketing Plan
  • Credits: 500000 Emails/month
  • Subscribers: Unlimited
  • Email Type: HTML and Text
  • Tracking: Yes
  • Dedicated IP: Optional*
  • Free SMTP Setup: SPF, DKIM, rDNS, DAMRC
  • Free Email Software: Yes
  • Price: USD 100$/month


For more plans please visit our email marketing page or click on live chat to discuss your Mass Mailing requirements.

How to Send Bulk Email Marketing Campaign?

Once you will have your account ready follow the following steps to send email marketing campaigns.

  1. Login to Email Marketing Account: You need to login to the software using credential we will provide you.
  2. On Left side there is button Lists -> Click on that.
  3. Right under email lists section there is button -> Create List click on that
  4. Now fill the form and create the list and save.
  5. Left side there is but campaign-> create campaign
  6. Follow the 5 steps create the campaign and send.
  7. Once sent go to campaigns -> view campaign -> view details and see the results.

Transactional Email Service

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Transactional email is an automated email communication between sender and receiver. The system auto sends the welcome email, job alerts, notifications, alerts, updates, password resets, invoices, order confirmation emails to the receivers on request. The open rates of transactional emails are always high because receiver always agreed and ready to receive these emails.

Mass Mail Servers offer transactional email service with dedicated IP so that it looks 100% branded for your company. You can use our bulk smtp hosting plans, vps smtp server plans and dedicated smtp server hosting plans for transactional emails from your domain. Our auto IP warm up process can help you to warum up your IPs and to achieve high email delivery rate at affordable price. We have 24/7 smtp server experts available for your help. You can use multiple IPs to send your transactional emails with mass mail service.

transactional email service

Types of Transactional Emails:

Some of the transactional emails types are given below with detailed explanations.

  1. Welcome /Signup Confirmation Emails
  2. Job Alerts/ Banking Transaction Alerts/ Other Alerts
  3. Password Reset
  4. Order Confirmation
  5. Invoicing / Payment Receipts
  6. Updates
  7. Birthday Greetings


  • Welcome Emails/Signup Emails: When you sign up at any website, forum or subscribe for newsletter they send you confirmation or welcome email that’s called transaction email. In which the receiver authorized sender to send the email with required login details or send email for verification and validation of signup.


  • Alerts/Notifications:

Job portals send daily CV’s to the companies and send latest job offers to the candidates such emails are transactional emails.

Banks send monthly bank account statements, credit card statement, security updates and each banking transaction alert to its customers as an email is also transactional emails.

Same way many other companies like internet service providers, data centers, hosting providers, domain registration companies send auto generated alerts; notifications to their customers are also transactional emails.

Social Media Alerts: twitter send notifications, alerts are also transactional emails and same way facebook emails about new post etc… also transactional emails.


  • Password Reset: Sending out password reset emails also called transactional emails.


  • Order Confirmation: When someone place order the system/CMS/Ecommerce Websites send the buyer order confirmation emails such emails are also transactional Emails


  • Invoices/ Payment Receipts: Sending monthly or order invoices or payment confirmation emails to the receiver are also transactional emails. You can also send invoice as attachment in PDF format in such emails.


  • Updates:  Sending updates about new products, upcoming products, stock etc… are also transactional emails in which system auto send updates about new products, blog posts, blog comments, forum posts and threads to the receivers etc…


  • Birthday Greetings: Some companies send their buyers or customers or subscribers or  community members, forum members, social media site users birthday greetings such emails are also transactional emails in which receiver get a birth greeting email from the sender on his/her birthday date.

Choose the best SMTP Server Provider

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If you are looking for professional email marketing – when you need to send an email newsletter to a large number of subscribers – it’s crucial to find the best SMTP server to send mass mails.

professional smtp serviceThe main difference between a Free SMTP provider (like Gmail, Hotmail, AOL, Yahoo) and a professional email server is that can ensure the highest deliverability for your email messages and let you send unlimited emails quickly, without hourly or daily limits.




Before choosing a bulk email service make sure the best SMTP server provider has following features:

  • Setup Feedback Loops with top ISPs: It is important to keep your delivery rate high for your newsletter and remove the complains from your list;
  • Cheap smtp server plans in order to meet all type of emailing needs;
  • Smtp Servers should be compatible with all bulk email sender software, and easy to configure;
  • Configure SPF, DKIM, rDNS, DMARC important for better delivery rate;
  • IP blacklisting Support help to get delist your IPs if they become blacklisted;
  • Multi Subnet IPs good if you can have ips from different subnets so if one get blocked the other wont be in trouble because of first one;
  • MTA or IP Rotation help to speed up email delivery process;
  • provide Tracking Features to give you tools to track your email campaigns (open rate, the click-through rate, bounce rate etc.).
  • offer a 24/7 support to be available any time for you.

MassMailServers meets all these features and many more, constantly striving to be the best SMTP service for your business. You can check our plans and choose the best you want: smtp server plans

How to Send Cold Emails to Purchased Lists

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Looking for solution to send cold emails to purchased lists? because all major ESP’s mailchimp, sendgrid, mailgun, sendinblue, constantcontact, aweber doesn’t allow you to do that.

Don’t worry now can send unlimited emails to purchased lists (non-optin) using Mass Mail Servers bulk smtp services.



  • CPU: Quad Core
  • Email Speed: 15000/hour approx*
  • RAM: 8GB DDR3
  • HDD: 2×1000 GB SATA
  • IPs: 4 Dedicated

Order Now



  • CPU: Octa Core
  • Email Speed: 20000/hour approx*
  • RAM: 16GB DDR3
  • HDD: 2×1500 GB SATA
  • IPs: 8 Dedicated

Order Now



  • CPU: Octa Core
  • Email Speed: 40000/hour approx*
  • RAM: 32GB DDR3
  • HDD: 2×2000 GB SATA
  • IPs: 16 Dedicated

Order Now



  • CPU: E3-1225V3
  • Email Speed: 60000/hour approx*
  • RAM: 32GB DDR3
  • HDD: 2×3000 GB SATA
  • IPs: 32 Dedicated

Order Now



  • CPU: E3-1225V3
  • Email Speed: 100000/hour approx*
  • RAM: 32GB DDR3
  • HDD: 2×4000 GB SATA
  • IPs: 64 Dedicated

Order Now



  • CPU: E3-1225V3
  • Email Speed: 200000/hour approx*
  • RAM: 32GB DDR3
  • HDD: 2×4000 GB SATA
  • IPs: 128 Dedicated

Order Now

What is Purchased Lists?

If you want to advertise or promote your company, website, product, services using email marketing you need to have list of email addresses to whom you could send mass emails. But most of the people don’t have that because they are in startup phase or maybe they never collected their customer’s data, so the only option that left is purchased lists. Means you need to buy the email addresses of your niche (B2C or B2B) from some authentic source.

Tips to buy email database.

  • Don’t buy cheap lists with only email addresses with no other informations like firstname, lastname, city, state, country etc…
  • Try to buy database with more information like full name, city, state, zip, country, phone, subscription IP and source website.
  • Always check sample of 1000-10000 email addresses and try to send a test campaign to analyze how good quality data it is.
  • Always buy latest updated email database.
  • Don’t buy too much data only buy targeted email lists.
  • B2B is always better than B2C.
  • If you buying business email lists make sure it’s related to your niche.
  • Don’t buy database from unknown person on upwork or fiverr.
  • Make sure the email list seller has website and updating the database regularly.

From where to buy email lists?

  1. The best place to buy email lists is VEL ( from where you can buy business email database B2B, you can buy email database usa, buy consumer email lists of USA B2C, UK, Germany, India, Pakistan, Canada, UAE, AUSTRALIA etc. buy email leads of your targeted niche at affordable price.
  2. You can also buy good email database from ( at affordable price.


Why ESPs don’t accept purchased lists clients

Most of the big ESP companies hate purchased lists and they do not offer bulk email service to purchased lists. Because they relay all the mass email campaigns from their shared IPs network and it’s a big risk to send emails to third part lists. So that’s why they do not accept non permission based email marketing campaigns because to their network reputation better.


If you want to send emails to purchase lists you can use Mass Mail Servers bulk email service VPS smtp servers or dedicated smtp servers. We allow bulk email delivery service to purchased lists or non-optin lists (CAN-SPAM Compliant only).

If you want to send less than 100000 emails per day then you can go for our VPS EMAIL SERVERS.


PLANS FEATURES Purchase Server
Send 5000 emails per hour in just 125$/month Order Now
Send 10000 emails per hour in just 150$/month Order Now
Send 15000 emails per hour in just 200$/month Order Now
Send 20000 emails per hour in just 225$/month Order Now


If you want to send more than 300K or 1 million emails per day then best option is DEDICATED SMTP SERVER.


PLANS FEATURES Purchase Server
Send 30000 emails per hour in just 300$/month Order Now
Send 50000 emails per hour in just 400$/month Order Now
Send 70000 emails per hour in just 750$/month Order Now
Send 100000 emails per hour in just 1000$/month Order Now
Send 200000 emails per hour in just 1400$/month Order Now
Send 300000 emails per hour in just 2000$/month Order Now

No SCAM, Phishing sites; Legal stuff onlyPlease read our Terms of Service To request a custom dedicated server proposal and contract, please contact us.

Payment Methods: Buy smtp service with PayPal, bitcoin, bitcoin cash, Zcash, Ripple, LiteCoin, Perfect Money, Payza, Credit Cards, Payoneer,, Western Union, MoneyGram etc… for further details contact us via live chat.

Tips to send mass emails to purchased lists

  1. Always follow can-spam laws.
  2. Always put unsubscribe link or method prominent in your email header or footer so that people can easily opt out.
  3. Do not send emails daily to purchased lists only send once and then remove the bad ones and send second email after 1 month so that they don’t think you are crazy mailer.
  4. Do not send phishing style emails.
  5. Don’t try to sell try instead try to teach that will help you to keep people in your lists for longer.
  6. If you are using B2C then make sure your IPs are warmed up before sending large quantity emails daily.
  7. Setup feedback Loop with major ISPs like Hotmail, aol, yahoo, Comcast etc…

Dedicated Email Server Hosting

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Send unlimited emails with dedicated email server hosting. Mass Mail Servers offer cheap and affordable mass email services with 24/7 support.

Dedicated Email Servers Feature:

  • Send unlimited emails daily
  • Send text and html mass emails
  • Free Bulk Email Marketing Software
  • Free SMTP server settings (SPF, DKIM, rDNS, DMARC)
  • Free IP Rotation
  • Free Feedback Loop Setup
  • No Daily Limits, No Monthly Limits
  • Send Transactional Emails or Promotional Emails

Dedicated Email Server Pricing

  • Send 30K emails per hour
  • Quad Core Processor
  • 2x1000GB HDD
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 4 Dedicated IPs
  • SPF, DKIM, rDNS Setup
  • IP rotation
  • Feedback Loops
  • Price: 300$/month

Buy SMTP Server

Unlimited SMTP Server

Oct 13th, 2017Comments Off on Unlimited SMTP Server

If you are looking to send unlimited emails daily you can try our smtp server plans. Using them you can send unlimited emails on monthly basis.

With each server you get attractive email marketing software which allow you to manage lists, design and send campaigns, track your campaigns, track opens, bounces and unsubscribers.

you will be able to send emails with your dedicated IPs that will come with the server.

We will setup SPF, DKIM, rDNS, DMARC for free. You will also get our best 24/7 email/chat/skype/ticket support.


To order Unlimited SMTP server plans please go to :

Payment Methods: We accept paypal, credit cards (VISA/MASTER/AMEX),, Bitcoin/BTC, Western Union, MoneyGram, Bank Transfer.



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