Transactional Email Service

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Transactional email is an automated email communication between sender and receiver. The system auto sends the welcome email, job alerts, notifications, alerts, updates, password resets, invoices, order confirmation emails to the receivers on request. The open rates of transactional emails are always high because receiver always agreed and ready to receive these emails.

Mass Mail Servers offer transactional email service with dedicated IP so that it looks 100% branded for your company. You can use our bulk smtp hosting plans, vps smtp server plans and dedicated smtp server hosting plans for transactional emails from your domain. Our auto IP warm up process can help you to warum up your IPs and to achieve high email delivery rate at affordable price. We have 24/7 smtp server experts available for your help. You can use multiple IPs to send your transactional emails with mass mail service.

transactional email service

Types of Transactional Emails:

Some of the transactional emails types are given below with detailed explanations.

  1. Welcome /Signup Confirmation Emails
  2. Job Alerts/ Banking Transaction Alerts/ Other Alerts
  3. Password Reset
  4. Order Confirmation
  5. Invoicing / Payment Receipts
  6. Updates
  7. Birthday Greetings


  • Welcome Emails/Signup Emails: When you sign up at any website, forum or subscribe for newsletter they send you confirmation or welcome email that’s called transaction email. In which the receiver authorized sender to send the email with required login details or send email for verification and validation of signup.


  • Alerts/Notifications:

Job portals send daily CV’s to the companies and send latest job offers to the candidates such emails are transactional emails.

Banks send monthly bank account statements, credit card statement, security updates and each banking transaction alert to its customers as an email is also transactional emails.

Same way many other companies like internet service providers, data centers, hosting providers, domain registration companies send auto generated alerts; notifications to their customers are also transactional emails.

Social Media Alerts: twitter send notifications, alerts are also transactional emails and same way facebook emails about new post etc… also transactional emails.


  • Password Reset: Sending out password reset emails also called transactional emails.


  • Order Confirmation: When someone place order the system/CMS/Ecommerce Websites send the buyer order confirmation emails such emails are also transactional Emails


  • Invoices/ Payment Receipts: Sending monthly or order invoices or payment confirmation emails to the receiver are also transactional emails. You can also send invoice as attachment in PDF format in such emails.


  • Updates:  Sending updates about new products, upcoming products, stock etc… are also transactional emails in which system auto send updates about new products, blog posts, blog comments, forum posts and threads to the receivers etc…


  • Birthday Greetings: Some companies send their buyers or customers or subscribers or  community members, forum members, social media site users birthday greetings such emails are also transactional emails in which receiver get a birth greeting email from the sender on his/her birthday date.