SMTP Hosting


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High volume BULK SMTP Features:

  • DKIM/Domain Keys Signing
  • Dedicated IP with each account
  • rDNS
  • Sender Policy Framework (SPF)
  • Simple Integration with your application
  • IP rotation on demand

Your Application, Our SMTP

Unlike typical email marketing services, our high volume BULK SMTP service lets you send emails from your own software/script/application server, email client or a combination of different sources. For distributions of several thousand to greater than 1,000,000 messages per month, our high volume BULK SMTP services are highly scalable and competitively priced.

Becoming a Client

In accordance with our Zero Spam Tolerance Policy, MMS’s bulk email hosting is a tightly regulated service. Clients are expected to responsibly manage ISP abuse reports and follow CAN-SPAM guidelines. In addition, MMS researches potential clients and performs extensive due diligence to prevent abuse.

SMTP Pricing

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  • 1. One Dedicated IP (free ip replacement if become blacklist).
  • 2. One SMTP/POP account.
  • 3. rDNS.
  • 4. Domain Keys.
  • 5. SPF Records.
  • 6. Send your messages in both Text and HTML format.
  • 7. Your ISP won’t see that you are sending out bulk email!
  • 8. All email broadcasting is routed through our bulk email servers and bandwidth – not yours.
  • 9. Gets email delivered directly from your PC into your recipient’s mailbox without using your ISP’s e-mail server resources!
  • 10. Broadcast your bulk email marketing campaigns anytime from any location in the world.
  • 11. Port 25 of your ISP not required (not affected by port 25 blocking issues).
  • 12. No long term contracts.
  • 13. Reliability and 100% Bulk Friendly Guaranteed!
  • 14. Includes all phone, email, and chat technical support 24/7.
  • 15. No hourly or daily limit!!
  • 16. Cpanel account to create multiple email addresses.

*Please read our Terms of Service as all of our services are non refundable and we don’t allow, spamming, hacking, scam, phishing emails transmission using our network.