Bulk Email Marketing Services

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Increase your website traffic, boost your sales and get connected to your customers and prospects with Bulk Email Marketing.

Why Bulk Email Marketing?

why email marketing

  • Bulk Email Marketing is an easy and cost effective way to boost your sales or website traffic.
  • Bulk Email Marketing is an affordable marketing solution.
  • Bulk Email Marketing help to keep in touch with customers and prospects.
  • Bulk Email Marketing Service help to automate the marketing process of your company.
  • Bulk Email Marketing Campaigns help in up-selling products and services.

How Mass Mail Servers can help in Bulk Email Marketing?

We are working since 2010 and currently serving 12000+ email marketing customers around the world.

We have email marketing servers located in USA , EU and in Asia for better email delivery rate. Our bulk email marketing servers and network is designed for sending bulk emails so you don’t have to worry while sending high volume bulk emails through our smtp relay servers. You can send unlimited mass emails monthly based on your email marketing strategy.

Bulk Email Marketing Plan
  • Credits: 500000 Emails/month
  • Subscribers: Unlimited
  • Email Type: HTML and Text
  • Tracking: Yes
  • Dedicated IP: Optional*
  • Free SMTP Setup: SPF, DKIM, rDNS, DAMRC
  • Free Email Software: Yes
  • Price: USD 100$/month


For more plans please visit our email marketing page or click on live chat to discuss your Mass Mailing requirements.

How to Send Bulk Email Marketing Campaign?

Once you will have your account ready follow the following steps to send email marketing campaigns.

  1. Login to Email Marketing Account: You need to login to the software using credential we will provide you.
  2. On Left side there is button Lists -> Click on that.
  3. Right under email lists section there is button -> Create List click on that
  4. Now fill the form and create the list and save.
  5. Left side there is but campaign-> create campaign
  6. Follow the 5 steps create the campaign and send.
  7. Once sent go to campaigns -> view campaign -> view details and see the results.