How to check Ip address blacklisting?

Sep 8th, 2018No Comments

To find out your smtp server IP address is clean or blacklisted you need to use Free IP blacklist checker service to check your IP reputation.

What is IP Blacklisting?

ip-blacklist-checkWhen you send emails based on spam words or spam content to your subscribers or email lists that hit to their spam filter which cause IP blacklisting. There are so many spam filters or spam trappers working right now so you need to be careful while sending emails to your subscribers. Sometime genuine emails to confirmed double optin contact can cause blacklisting due to spam words or links used in Email Campaign.




How to Check IP Blacklisting?

If you wish to check your IP is blacklisted or not you need to use one the following free IP blacklist Check tools to find out where its blacklisted before to start delisting process.


Just put your IP in field and press Lookup button.

For further details or IP delist support please send us an email at

Mass Mail Servers monitor its all ip addresses 24/7 and try to keep them clean. But nothing is perfect and neither in our control. When you will send bad content or bad link or email to bad lists or purchased list there is a high chance that your IP will become blacklisted. But we can give a try to delist ip address for you. In case of failure you may have to buy new IP.

Please note buying new ips every month or changing servers every month is not a good idea. You need to stick with few IPs as long as possible until you not hit by any major spam trapper. And try to build reputation of your domain with those IPs. This help alot to improve your delivery and inbox rate.