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Mass Mail is to send high volume transactional emails or promotional emails to a large list of subscribers, customers or prospects with fast delivery speed.

Mass Mail Servers offering Mass Mail service since 2010 to businesses and individuals. You can use our bulk smtp service to send high volume bulk emails easily without knowledge of email marketing. You can also send promotional emails using our email marketing service. All of our smtp service plans come with free email marketing software and free smtp server setup features. Now send unlimited emails with mass mail servers smtp mail servers at affordable price.


mass email service

What is Mass Mail?

Sending out bulk emails to big email lists is called Mass Mailing. You can send both transactional and promotional emails. To avoid IP blacklisting you need to make sure your email list is clean and your content doesn’t have any spam words.


How to Send Mass Email?

If you want to send mass emails then you need to have followings.

  1. Mass Email Server
  2. Email Design/Content
  3. Email Lists
  4. Landing Page

Mass Email Server: To send mass emails you need to have one mass email server configured with multiple rotating dedicated ips. So that you can send emails with fast speed and you get maximum emails out in short time. The more dedicated ips you will use the more fast delivery you can achieve. Please note big ISP’s like gmail, hotmail, aol, yahoo has incoming email limits per IP so to avoid that limit and deliver your emails fast you need to use multiple dedicated IPs with your mass email server.

Email Design/Content: You need a good email responsive design with better written content so that your emails get delivered without getting trapped by spam trappers due to content. Good subject lines can also help to improve your delivery rate.

Email Lists: You can only do mass mail if you have big size email lists but mass mail service can be a night mare for you if your email lists are not cleaned or if you have purchased it. We advise you to please verify your email list before sending out mass emails. If you will send mass mails without verifying your email lists you can have IP blacklisting or Domain Blacklisting issues.

Landing Page: You need landing pages or page to move your clients or subscribers when they click on links given in your mass email. Don’t put your main company website link in promotional emails that can also lead to main company domain blacklisting. Landing pages also help to count conversation rates and also used as shield against spam complains.

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