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When you want to send bulk emails you need to make sure your emails get delivered with better open rate and click through rate. This is only possible when you use best bulk email service provider for sending your promotional bulk emails.

bulk email marketing service

Email Marketing Solution from Mass Mail Servers offer best bulk email service that give you results. It is easy to send transactional and marketing emails to your customers or prospects using MMS. As an email service provider, MMS make sure your emails get delivered so that you get best results and your IPs remain clean while sending bulk emails.

Best Free Bulk Email Marketing Platform

MMS offer best free bulk email marketing software to its customers that help them to send bulk emails with ease. The bulk email marketing software has following powerful 7 features that can help you to send mass emails with more speed and accuracy.

bulk email tools

  1. List Management: Upload your multiple email lists, using csv , text files.
  2. Segmentation: Optimize your delivery process.
  3. Campaigns Management: Create rich email campaign designs using campaign creator.
  4. Statistics: Track opens, bounces, unsubscribes etc…
  5. Bounce Processing: Help to take out bounces from your lists.
  6. Feedback Loop: Help to remove complained email addresses from lists.
  7. Autoresponders: Automate email sending using auto responder feature.

Looking for the Best Email Marketing Services?

MMS email marketing services are affordable and ideal for sending bulk emails. Now you can send unlimited mass emails to unlimited subscribers with free email marketing software.

We have 24/7 support staff available to help our bulk email clients.

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7 Tips before choosing an Email Marketing Service Provider!

Before choosing an Email Marketing Service Provider please take care of the following things

  1. Company History: Check bulk Email marketing Service Provider is in business since how many years. If they are old then they are gold :). Because its not easy to sustain in email marketing business until you have bulk email marketing experience and resources.
  2. Email Service Provider is a company not an Individual: All freelancers who were doing only web designing now doing email marketing. They don’t know much about email marketing service or bulk emailing service but they are selling bulk email accounts and bulk email marketing services. You need to go with company not with individual. Company can work 24/7 but no individual can do that.
  3. Multiple Server Locations: Make sure your Email Marketing Service Provider has servers located on multiple locations because sometime it happen specific country ips are blocked by ISPs so you wont be in trouble and can request to give service in  different location.
  4. IP Rotation Service: Make sure your Email Marketing Service Provider has ip rotation service so that you could deliver your emails with multiple IPs.
  5. Free Email Marketing Software: Make sure your bulk email provider offer free email marketing software to send bulk emails.
  6. Feedback Loop: Make sure your Email Marketing Service Provider know how to setup feedback loops and ready to setup feedback loop for you.
  7. IP Blacklist Support: Make sure your Email Marketing Service Provider offer free IP blacklist support. Let suppose if your IPs get blacklist they should delist them free.